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Since 1989 Jörg Zoller and Samuel Hess have been running a shop for secondhand and new books. The first 10 years we had a store at the Rathausgasse in Berne. 1996 we started to list our books in the internet and after the relocation of Samuel Hess to Hilterfingen (Lake of Thun, Bernese Oberland) we shifted our business completely to the web.

Since 1991 we got all our books (most of them in German) listed in our FileMaker Database on Apple Macintosh. Our database in the internet (PHP/ MySQL on Apache) contains ALL our books. Main topics are Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, Sociology, Litterature, Arts and History.

Samuel Hess is an Aikido instructor, therefore we have a large range of books about Aikido, Zen-Buddhism, body work and so on (many in English!).


Staatsstrasse 31
3652 Hilterfingen


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